Child Arrangement Orders

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Often when parties split up, can be very difficult for the children. For the parties this can often give rise to issues concerning the children from parental responsibility to child arrangement orders.

We understand the difficulties in setting new routines and the bitterness of a divorce or separation can cause issues in deciding who the children should reside with and how much contact the other party should have, as well as other issues. These could stem to;

  • Parental Responsibility – if a parent’s name is not on the birth certificate, then parental responsibility will need to be obtained, which will give that parent rights towards the child/ren.
  • Child Arrangement Orders – state where and with whom the child should reside and how much contact the other parent has and how often.

Our solicitors can help grandparents see their grandchildren

  • Specific Issue Orders – to have the missing parent’s name on the birth certificate, change the child/ren surname or school.
  • Prohibited Steps Order – to prevent a party from removing a child from their current jurisdiction (moving abroad), changing the child’s surname

Our experienced solicitors can help you through the court process and to get the best outcome for you and your children.

If you and your partner are in agreement with the arrangement for the children, we can help you obtain an order from the court in the terms of your agreement subject to the court’s approval.