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SRA Transparency Rules

These rules set out the information authorised firms, and individuals providing services to the public from outside authorised firms, should make available to clients and potential clients. The rules aim to ensure people have accurate and relevant information about a solicitor or firm when they are considering purchasing legal services and will help members of the public and small businesses make informed choices and improving competition in the legal market.

Firms must display prices and service information if they publish that they work in any of the following areas:

  • Conveyancing (residential).
  • Probate (uncontested).
  • Motoring offences (summary offences).
  • Immigration (excluding asylum).
  • Employment tribunals (unfair/wrongful dismissal).
  • Debt recovery (up to £100,000).
  • Licensing applications (business premises).

Price information must be presented in a clear and easy to understand format. Firms must also:

  • Provide a total cost, if this is not possible provide an average or range of costs.
  • Explain the basis of their charges, including any hourly rate or fixed fees.
  • Highlight likely disbursements, and their costs.
  • Be clear on whether VAT is included.
  • For conditional or damages-based fees, explain when clients may have to make payments.

For service information firms must:

  • Explain what services are included for the quoted price.
  • Highlight any services not included within the price, which a client may reasonably expect to be.
  • Include information on key stages and typical timescales of these.
  • Publish the qualifications and experience of anyone carrying out the work and of their supervisors.

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